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“Gina’s support, guidance and coaching have been instrumental for me to get back on track and clarify my career vision from the inception of my business, post-wedding and having had a baby.
Her energy is always authentic, positive and inspiring and I always feel she completely ‘gets’ where I’m coming from: she has a way of attuning with her clients that is exemplary. Gina invited me to be a part of a Mastermind group, which she facilitates on a monthly basis. I cannot overemphasise how essential this group has proved to be for me both professionally and personally – the dynamic created within the group is quite simply “electric”! Gina’s industry knowledge is excellent and she frequently shares ideas that have genuinely worked for her and others during our Mastermind sessions. I have also benefited from Gina’s highly inspirational ‘Achieve More Together’ telesummit, which provided a wealth of ideas from experts on that crucial interplay between personal and professional life.
I’d encourage you to contact Gina if you know deep down that you once upon a time had a vision that has somehow lost clarity and you absolutely need someone to pull you out of your comfort zone to reconnect with your authentic, high-achieving self. Before working with Gina I had a great idea for a business but little confidence in knowing how to make it a reality. Since her input I’ve restructured by business model to make it work better for my lifestyle, I am much more connected with my professional network, and I’ve felt far more empowered as a business professional than ever before.  Thank you Gina! You’re awesome!”

Stacy Moore, Educational Psychologist, Inner Circles

“As someone who doesn’t like “troubling” others for help (the clue here is in the use of the word “troubling” where I might have used “asking”) I have found Gina‘s collaborative approach to creating the methods to achieving my goals absolutely enlightening and above all, practical.
Gina effortlessly brings the right people together to help them help EACH OTHER in taking steps to becoming successful in everyday life as well as and especially in the business environment.
I have recently become a member of mastermind a group set up and hosted by Gina on a monthly basis which has not only added names to my Filofax connections but also very quickly created a supportive network of hard working, like minded individuals striving to achieve their business goals, who are simultaneously incredibly generous with their contacts and experience and who take as much pleasure in reciprocating support and knowledge as they do from receiving it. I highly recommend joining one of Gina‘s group programmes – it’s like having your very own focus group and cheerleading team in one!”

Agata Pieczynska, Media & educational professional - & budding music industry entrepreneur

“I got in contact with Gina at a time when I felt flat and directionless in my job. I couldn’t put a finger on what it was, and I also didn’t know where to start to turn it around.

Through my sessions with Gina she helped me establish what was, and wasn’t, working in my current role, what was missing, and what skills and experience I wanted to develop. Gina also helped me see the importance of defining my own values and applying them in my everyday work life.Thanks to our work together, and numerous ‘light bulb moments’ we uncovered in the process, I have commenced work on a creative side project in parallel to my job which gives me a balance and fulfilment I was lacking before.

If you are looking for direction, or you’ve got the direction but need the next step, I encourage you to contact Gina as I have no doubt she will help you switch on that light bulb that’s sitting inside you.”

Lauren, Melbourne

“A die hide know-it-all, I wasn’t sure whether I would benefit from this motivational book. But within the first 3 chapters I had read so much sense written in a clear, concise manner that I couldn’t help but be inspired. I already have the tools to achieve my goals but this book is helping me to identify them and use them more efficiently.
Sometimes we know what we need to do, but it always helps to have a little guide to point us in the right direction.
I am not a newly wed, nor in a relationship, but there is still much for me to gain from this well written, warm-hearted, engaging book.”


S. Mitchell

“We all have our own personal priorities in life but it’s not often that we acknowledge them to ourselves and act positively upon them – especially after the whirlwind that is planning your wedding and getting married! I was a little stuck for what to do for ‘the rest of my life’ but Gina was a great help in encouraging me to set measurable goals for myself, and also helped in evaluating the results from an impartial perspective.

She showed me that it is worth celebrating those small achievements – those small steps to the top of the ladder – that all contribute positively to the bigger picture of the goal. Gina helped me to live by my accomplishments – not my to do list. She taught me how to think more positively about my goals and priorities and their progress, which in turn fostered even more progress and positivity.

There’s one phrase that stands out from my sessions with Gina, it’s ‘There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.’ Life is all about tweaks – and this includes tweaking everything from daily routines to emotional states of mind. Gina helped me to realise that I have complete control over my own life and destiny – all I need to do is decide where I want to be, how I need to get there, and how I can make it a possibility. And the most important thing – never be afraid to ask for a little help. Thanks for everything, Gina!”

Salma, Manchester

Gina’s 2-hour goal setting workshop with some of our junior fellows (aged 16) was a highlight of the day. She effectively engaged with the group and clearly expressed how and why goal setting is important, in a language that they understood. Clearly passionate about inspiring young people, I would have no hesitation in recommending Gina’s workshops to others… and look forward to working with her again soon!


Carson Yarde, Operations Director, Windsor Fellowship

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing session that we had with you. I found it to very useful and really motivating as well. I am trying to get into the habit of it by setting daily tasks and then eventually building a list of things I want to achieve. Your session had a great impact on me and having tried the goal setting activity and incorporated it in my daily life, it is helping me achieve my short term aims, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by being able to keep up with my work and at the same time building my long term goals. I feel this is a really good way of measuring what I want to do and what I have done.”


Tasneem Woozeer, UK university student – attended a goal setting workshop

“It’s funny, I would have never thought I was the type to need ‘motivating’. But after reading just a few chapters of this book, I realised I was stuck in a rut and that the ‘honeymoon was over’. I went back to work that same week having made some clear goals in my life and things started happening! A few weeks later I got a promotion at work and a 30% salary increase, which will definitely help to pay off the wedding!”


Fariba, Bristol (Quote in reference to Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups)

“Gina’s approach was very professional and her delivery was focused. I was very quickly able to build a rapport and put my trust in her when discussing personal issues, that was very important to me in moving forward.

When I first met with Gina I felt that I was between a rock and a hard place and stuck within a job that had already begun to make me feel very unhappy. With Gina’s support I able to see my situation more clearly and realised that I was in control of my own destiny, whereas previously I felt I had no choice.It was very empowering once I had begun to realise that I could begin to relate differently to people around me and my environment.

I am very proud to say that I am now working for a new employer and have no regrets in the changes that I have made. I am continuing to stay positive and confident in my ability to explore further options.

I would highly recommend Gina and happy to give provide further information if required.”

Barry, London

“Gina took me on as a client for 8 sessions to help me gain focus and develop some skills to help with my life and career.The sessions helped set me on a path where I could recognise as and when I was losing focus and floundering. We also worked on setting goals and time keeping with delivery of projects.At the end of the session Gina had given me tangible methods and ideas on how to regain focus as and when I lose it, she also equipped me with tools to help me feel less overwhelmed.One key thing that I took from the sessions learning to say “NO”. Learning that saying no to something helps me achieve those things that I DO want to take on.Gina was very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable sharing with her my issues in the knowledge that there was no judgement and I could trust here.”

Elelta Demissie Tafesse

“Just finished a fab coaching session with @limitlesscoach Feeling positive and inspired, thank you!”

Quote from Twitter, 02/10/2011

Kaneen, Shake the Belly, London

Achieve greater WORK LIFE BALANCE (on your own terms) today (it’s free!)

Slow down for a minute. Make the shift from overwhelmed to organised with a simple tool to help balance your goals. Download the free Work Life Balance Cheat Sheet and join the Limitless Community for regular, actionable doses of inspiration.