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Meet Gina 

I am the quintessential glass half full person. When people tell me I live at the end of a certain tube (subway) line here in London where I’m currently based… I tell them it’s the beginning! I see the silver linings… I believe in the power to change or develop anything that needs it and I have an unshakable belief in your ability to create a career and lifestyle which makes you light up, if you give yourself the time, space and support to do so… which is why career coaching via Limitless Coaching was born. I’m am human of course… so even with my default of optimism I have my down or off days too (please don’t think I don’t understand disappointment or frustrations!). These are part of the journey and it’s about developing the resilience to dust yourself off and see each setback as a learning curve that will make your awesome… well, even more awesome.

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Gina Visram is an author and the corporate girls’ career coach, for women (and a few smart men) who want an incredible, fulfilling career that doesn’t burn them out… alongside supportive relationships that make their heart sing. As part of her Limitless Coaching initiative she works one on one and via group programmes with people with untapped potential to accelerate their career and lifestyle goal achievements – while ensuring their romantic partner remains firmly in the picture and they gain the tools to be each other’s greatest cheerleaders. UK-based but with life and educational experience of Guyana, Montserrat, Barbados and Kenya, Gina  brings a relatable, global and multi-cultural perspective to the field of coaching. Having completed degrees at the University of Warwick (BA Hons in Politics, International Studies & Gender) and Cardiff University (MA International Journalism) – and worked in communications for organisations including Pearson, CNBC, BBC World, as well as specialising in education PR, Gina’s communications skills enhance the career coaching she does and in 2014 that combination of skills led to being named as a finalist in the “Careers Educator of the Year” category of the Career Development Institute’s UK Career Development Awards. It was her experience of getting married on the most anticipated wedding day of a generation (the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton) that helped Gina stumble across the traditionally ‘hushed’ subject of ‘post-wedding blues’ – having recognised her own emotional and motivational slump after the wedding. This was the motivation to write the consistently 5 star rated career coaching book for people that want awesome careers and relationships… Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups and emerge as a lead moderator and facilitator in this area. She is passionate about helping busy couples ‘achieve more together’. Currently living in London with her gorgeous husband and new baby, some of the reviews are in for Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups (see below) and she is keen to work with corporate women who do want to have it all without burning out, busy professionals, including newlyweds, new mums and people going through important life transitions to help them achieve the career and relationship/life balance that is right for them.

“I wish this book was available when I got married 7 years ago, as I recognise how I felt just a few months after my wedding. Gina’s effective strategies and advice will help you to get back on track, re-find your mojo, and, most importantly, learn how to do this effectively as a couple.”

Karen Williams, Business Coach

“With great understanding Gina Visram shares some important insights for newlyweds and recently-weds how to successfully transition into married life with deft practicality whilst focusing on values, communication and your own identity.”

Roberta Jerram, UK serial entrepreneur and married mum of 4

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Five Fun facts about Gina

Fun Fact #1
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From being an incredibly shy child, I now love public speaking. There’s something about that opportunity to communicate with a crowd about something that you truly believe in. I always consider it to be an honour and am always looking for opportunities to connect with audiences that will benefit from my work. This can include live in person audiences or ones via webinar / telesummit etc.

If you know of any such audience… just holla.


Fun Fact #2


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One of the things that makes my heart sing is working with young people with their career, education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) process. I believe career support is essential for youth as they navigate their journey and some of my very proudest moments have included connecting professionals in industry to students in secondary schools, working one on one with students and seeing that ‘aha moment’, organising some innovative careers events… and the icing on the cake – recognition of this work – being recognised as a finalist in the “Careers Educator of the Year” category of the UK Career Development Awards – from the Career Development Institute.

I’ve currently got two more book ideas floating around this brain of mine… and one is a career coaching book targeted at students. Watch this space!


Fun Fact #3


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I used to belly dance. Seriously… not just in a class but in a couple of troupes and I have performed at London 2012 Olympic events, at Soho’s Madame Jojos, at Guanabara and at lots of fun places (I’m sure there are some vids sneakily on YouTube somewhere). I loved it and while I don’t formally attend dance classes or training at the moment… dance absolutely still feeds my soul.


Fun Fact #4

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My immediate, never fail, one shot mood lifter is SOCA music. Soca a type of music from the Caribbean and tends to be upbeat and encourage some serious booty shaking (waaaaay before Miley even started using the word ‘twerk’). Soca music and carnivals are a huge part of the authentic me and for me are joy personified!

Flashback to Trinidad Carnival 2009 when I met (arguably) the most popular soca artist in the world… Machel Montano. Good times!


Fun Fact #5
gina fact 5 I love love and I believe in surrounding myself with awesome people. I’m blessed that the people that brought me into the world (shout out to my parentals!) are incredible but since then, I’m proud of the choices that I have made in my hubby, my friends, my associates, my business mentors, my networks and more. It’s never too late to make different choices. If you feel dragged down by anyone in your community I encourage you to take active steps to making some positive connections. They’ll go a long way and it really will make the world of difference to your life on a daily basis!


… and if looking to expand your network of ‘positive connections’ – let’s connect.


Achieve greater WORK LIFE BALANCE (on your own terms) today (it’s free!)

Slow down for a minute. Make the shift from overwhelmed to organised with a simple tool to help balance your goals. Download the free Work Life Balance Cheat Sheet and join the Limitless Community for regular, actionable doses of inspiration.